Bespoke Shaker

The ever lasting beauty of English furniture, bore through the years to galvanise with our modern lifestyle is the hallmark and essence of handmade furniture, since its early form this timeless style will suit any home. Transformed today with modern styling, the choice of beautiful paints and contemporary worktops or accessories, our furniture will last the test of time.

What ever your choice of furniture create a calm with perfectly proportioned cabinetry, that allows for the very best storage. In a kitchen every element needs to interact with each other, making for more harmonious and stimulating living. This is also the case with all of your furniture, may it be wardrobes or your study, designing the perfect look must also flow, which creates a more restful space to live and engage.

Bespoke Modern

This is usually synonymous with chic, elegant styling, often using a handless design to create beautiful symmetrical lines. In the kitchen this modern look combines amazingly with quartz or stainless steel worktops and will look as fantastic tomorrow as it does today.

With all of our furniture we endeavour to produce quality. Quality that will last for many years. All of the many elements that combine together, from the materials we use to the stone worktops to the appliances we supply, striving for the very best for each client.

An example of our quality is our association with a single product - the Quooker hot tap. It is a standout, benchmark of a product and the original, which is seen by most as the very best hot tap available. It is designed and built to last and can be serviced when required ensuring longevity. We feel it is a unique product which we are proud to work with.
We work with every appliance manufacture ensuring our clients having the very best choice.

Specialist Range

This is an amazing range that will be suitable for a huge range of home owners or designers.
There is a vast range of cabinet options for you to choose from to make your kitchen just the way you would like, along with many different styles and finishes of doors so you will be spoilt for choice.

In our fabulous modern range of gloss, matt, silk or our new textured look, which is bold and lifelike will create a distinctive style.
With its ultra modern clean lines our handleless range will always stand out. You can choose different colour handle rails to compliment our fabulous door palate.

Choose the perfect style to enhance and compliment the way you want to live.

.Specialist Range

These kitchens are constructed in the factory wherever possible - Giving the heart of the home a quality that will witness many years of family memories and day to day cooking.

Whatever your shaker preference is, your kitchen will have the class and distinction it deserves.

Bespoke Furniture

Whether your desire is for a kitchen, wardrobes, study, library or media room, or even the cupboard under the stairs, our beautiful bespoke furniture will be made to last. We use hardwood framed doors, even when a painted finish is to be applied, solid wood dovetail drawers and complimented with quality components such the hinges and soft close drawer runners and hinges.
Of course being bespoke means we can change just about anything . . . so if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.